Seed Potato Board

The Maine Seed Potato Board (MSPB) was established in 1945 to ensure an adequate supply of foundation seed potatoes for the state’s commercial seed potato producers and ultimately for the Maine potato industry. The commissioner of the Maine Department of Agriculture serves on the Board along with eight potato producers who represent the seed, table-stock and processing industries in the state.

In 1947, the MSPB purchased an isolated farm in Masardis, Maine, now known as the Porter Seed Farm, enabling the MSPB to better control and manage the production and quality of foundation seed stock. The facility is equipped with tissue culture production, disease testing laboratories, seed storages with climate control systems, greenhouses, and an irrigation system, to support the production of nuclear and foundation seed.

In 2009, the Maine Seed Potato Board began producing minitubers in a new state-of-the-art greenhouse using hydroponics. By using hydroponics, the MSPB is able to produce high quality minitubers at very competitive prices.  The facility also allows the Board to increase the volume of seed and at a much faster rate.

The facility provides tubers grown in vitro (micro-tubers), greenhouse-grown tubers (minitubers) and transplants, and foundation seed potatoes to seed growers.The MSPB is positioned to provide growers in Maine as well as growers in other areas with quality seed potatoes. This seed can be purchased as minitubers (MT), FG1 and FG2. The MSPB is currently providing custom production of private varieties and has the resources to continue to do so. If interested in purchasing seed, please use the contact information below for availability and pricing.

To meet the needs of our seed industry and to better utilize resources, the Board makes a serious effort to match production volumes and varieties produced with contract requests; however, some years the farm may have additional seed for sale.

For additional information about the Porter Farm, contact:

Maine Seed Potato Board

Jake Dyer

744 Main Street Suite 1

Presque Isle, ME 04769

Cell: 207-227-4590

Office: 207-769-5061