How are all of the potatoes used?

In 2002, the United States produced over 46 billion pounds of potatoes from the 1.31 million acres that were planted. Of the 46 billion pounds, approximately 34% were processed into frozen potato products, such as frozen fries, tater tots, hash browns, and home fries. Another 28% were supplied to the fresh market, including retail outlets and food service, for uses such as baking, mashing, roasting, and boiling. Special varieties of potatoes are grown specifically for the potato chip market, with chipping potatoes accounting for 12% of all potato production. Dehydrated potatoes—used for products such as mashed potatoes, extruded chips, potato pancake mix, starch, and flour—account for another 10% of production. The remaining 16% of the potatoes grown in the U.S. are used for livestock feed, potato seed, or on farm consumption.