Spore Trapping Program Underway

The spore trapping program for the 2021 growing season is underway.  Spore collections began in Maine on Monday, June 21 and will continue for the next 9 weeks. The reports will be emailed to growers via the Maine Potato Board mailing list. 

If anyone would like to sign up to receive the weekly updates, please email Jeannie at the Maine Potato Board office and she will add you to the list. 

We have 14 collection sites here in Maine; from Houlton to St. Agatha. In New Brunswick there are 31 sites from Woodstock to St. Quentin.  As in years past, collections will be taken from each site 3 times per week.  

 The latest spore reports show ZERO Late Blight Spores and few Early Blight and Brown Spot spores. 


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