Politico Reports on Ongoing Fresh Access Dispute with Mexico

The D.C.-based news outlet Politico featured a detailed report earlier this month on the ongoing challenges with gaining full access to the Mexican market for fresh U.S. potatoes.

Politico writes (subscription required) that the failed deal with Mexico has cost the U.S. potato industry “tens of millions in lost sales, while Mexican avocados flooded the U.S. market with few barriers.” 

The report goes on to note that “The situation has alarmed lawmakers and advocates who have called for the Department of Agriculture and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to create greater market access in Mexico for American potatoes. Their pleas have been unsuccessful, but they hope with the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in place, the U.S. will step in if Mexico does not resolve the issue soon.” 

 “The active interest of key Members of Congress, USDA, and USTR is essential in gaining the access to Mexico that these agreements demand. The Mexican Supreme Court is the fastest way to put this issue to rest once and for all. Regardless, we are fully committed to pursuing other mechanisms if necessary to enforce our rights,” said Kam Quarles, NPC CEO. 


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