October – December retail potato sales show continued growth

Record potato retail sales continued from October to December 2020, the second quarter of Potatoes USA’s marketing year 2021. 

All three months saw an increase in both dollar and volume sales, with the largest growth in December. Total store potato sales grew 9.3% in volume and 12.3% in value. Prices also increased for consumers by 2.7%, which contributed to the 12.3% increase in dollar sales. While all categories, except deli-prepared sides, grew in dollars and volume sales, dehydrated potatoes saw the largest growth in both. Frozen, refrigerated, dehydrated, and canned potatoes increased by double-digits in dollars and volume compared to the same time a year ago. These numbers show that consumers continued to purchase more center store potatoes than they have in the last five years.

The fresh potato category at retail also showed a record growth of 12% in dollar sales and 8.2% in volume sales. Russets, reds, and yellow potatoes made up most fresh potato sales at retail, which all increased in dollars and volume. Five-pound bags of potatoes continued to make up the majority of volume sales and increased by almost 7%. One-pound through four-pound bags increased the most, by over 18%, in both dollars and volume.

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