NPC Welcomes New House Agriculture Committee Leadership

Last week, NPC welcomed the selections of U.S. Rep. David Scott (GA-13) as the next Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and Rep. Glenn ‘G.T.’ Thompson (PA-15) as Ranking Member. 

“Throughout his tenure on the Agriculture Committee, Chairman-elect Scott has been a tireless advocate for our food-insecure citizens. Potato growers look forward to working with him on policies that will allow them to continue to deliver nutrient-rich, high-quality vegetables to American families,” said NPC CEO Kam Quarles. 

“Ranking Member-elect Thompson understands the challenges faced by the U.S. agriculture industry in producing a safe, healthy, and competitive food supply for both domestic and international consumers,” said NPC President Britt Raybould. “As growers of nutritious and cost-effective vegetables, U.S. potato growers look forward to working with Congressman Thompson to enhance potatoes’ contributions to the Committee’s mission of securing the livelihoods of America’s farming families and the consumers they serve.”  

“Over the past decade, the U.S. potato industry has encouraged the adoption of sustainable practices that benefit the environment and enhance our family-owned businesses. As stewards of the land and our water resources, America’s potato growers look forward to building upon these commonsense solutions with the Committee,” Quarles concluded. 


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