NPC Joins Letter Urging End to Trade Dispute

Feb. 15, 2019 – Recently, NPC joined a letter with 45 other affected industry associations urging an immediate end to the trade dispute with Mexico and Canada that has occurred as a result of U.S. “232” tariffs placed on steel and aluminum.

“For many farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, the damage from the reciprocal trade actions in the steel dispute far outweighs any benefit that may accrue to them from the USMCA…Producers of agricultural and manufactured products that are highly dependent on the Canadian and Mexican markets are also suffering serious financial losses.”

Last year, the U.S. announced under its Section 232 authority that a study had found that the U.S. steel and aluminum industries were high priorities due to their value for national security.  Therefore, tariffs would be placed upon countries exporting these products to the U.S. and harming our domestic industries.

When the tariffs were put in place, Mexico retaliated by eliminating the 0% duty on U.S. frozen fries and replaced it with a 20% duty.  In the intervening time, other suppliers to Mexico have negotiated duty free trade agreements for their frozen fries and related products.

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