NPC 2022 Annual Potato Yearbook Released

The 2022 edition of the Annual Potato Yearbook was mailed out mid-July highlighting progress on NPC’s national legislative, regulatory, and marketing priorities. The Yearbook also features updated U.S. and world potato production and consumption stats, grower and industry contact information, position statements, and program interviews.

Noting the significant challenges overcome by the industry and the organization since the start of the pandemic, NPC President Jared Balcom writes in his message, “Clearly, the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have forced NPC to play a lot of defense to protect the industry over the past two years. As the country – and the world – reopens, we all look forward to returning a new normal and the strong proactive policy agenda that NPC strives for in creating a better future for the industry.”

Click here to view an electronic version of the 2022 Annual Potato Yearbook.  

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