MPB Farmer / Farm Family of the Year

The Maine Potato Board is looking for nominations within the Maine potato industry for the 2019 Farmer/ Farm Family of the Year award.

The farmer / farm family will be selected on the following basis:

*Over 40 years of age

*Outstanding farming practices

*Growth and advancement in farming operation, to include a willingness to try new methods, technology, and advancements in the potato industry

*Leadership and involvement in the industry

*Involvement in local community, church, and other civic groups

Anyone wishing to nominate a farmer / farm family should contact the Maine Potato Board by March 29, 2019 at 769-5061; Fax:  764-4148; or Email:

Please feel free to contact Jeannie if you have any questions.


The past Farmers/Farm Families that have been recognized are as follows:

1986       Glenn Barnes                                     Fort Fairfield

1987       Gilbert Thibeau                                 Fort Fairfield

1988       Willard Doyen                                    Mapleton

1989       Richard Shaw                                     Fort Fairfield

1990       Herschel Smith                                  Westfield

1991       Vaughn Smith                                    Castle Hill

1992       Daniel Labrie                                      St. Agatha

1993       Anthony Fitzpatrick                           Houlton

1994       Frank Hemphill                                  Presque Isle

1995       John Houghton                                 Fort Fairfield

1996       Gaylen Flewelling                            Easton

1997       Richard Kneeland                             Easton

1998       Neil Crane                                           Exeter

1999       Edwin Pelletier                                  Frenchville

2000       Jack Buck Family                               Mapleton

2001       County Super Spud, Inc.               Mars Hill

(Jay and David McCrum)

2002       Ned Berce                                           St. Agatha

2003       Murray Blackstone                           Caribou

2004       Brian Campbell                                  Exeter

2005       Robert Irving                                      Caribou

2006       Ronald Moir                                       Caribou

2007       Greg Schools                                      Littleton

2008       Robert Roope                                    Presque Isle

2009       Ward McLaughlin                             Mars Hill

Trent Lundeen                                  Mars Hill

2010       Dominic & Gil LaJoie                        Van Buren

2011       Fred Flewelling                                 Crouseville

2012       Rudy Parent                                     Hamlin

2013       Wayne & Gregg Garrison               Mars Hill

2014       Albert Fitzpatrick Family                 Houlton

2015       Tom & John Qualey                         Benedicta

2016       Jerry & Bruce Flewelling                 Easton

2017       Steve & Fred Whited                       Bridgewater

2018       Donald Fitzpatrick                            Houlton

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