Important Memo From Testing Lab

Andrew Plant

For growers wanting voluntary post-harvest testing for Blackleg or Bacterial Ring Rot, the lab will begin accepting samples directly at the lab beginning on September 16, 2019.  We strongly urge growers to have all samples into the lab by October 18, 2019.  The lab cannot guarantee testing results will be delivered prior to December 31 for voluntary samples received after October 18.  

  • For Blackleg testing, growers do have the option to core and peel their own samples so that testing results can be expedited.  If you wish to do so, contact the lab (769-5061) about how to properly process your sample.  
  • For growers wanting both BRR and Blackleg tested for, we will need two separate samples.  All BRR samples need to be 400 tubers.
  • Reminder to please not leave samples without filling out the proper paperwork at the time of drop-off.  Any samples without properly documented paperwork associated with them will not be tested. 
  • Reminder: All post-harvest test samples for certification will be lab-tested again this year.

Requirements and Pricing of Voluntary Tests-


200Tuber Composite- $100, Add $50 per additional species tested

200Tuber Batch (8x25tuber composites)- $300, Add $200 per additional species tested

400Tuber Composite- $200, Add $100 per additional species tested

400Tuber Batch (16x25tuber composites)- $600, Add $400 per additional species tested

Bacterial Ring Rot-

400 Tuber- $225

Again, please ensure that all proper paperwork and submission forms are filled out when you bring in your sample.  If you have questions or comments contact Andrew or Shelby at the lab, 769-5061, or email

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