Get Your First Potato Expo 2021 Sneak Peek

The Potato Expo 2021 will be complete with all of the incredible content you have come to expect at the potato industry event of the year! Speakers and sessions are coming together and being posted to, so check back often. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Breakout Sessions at this year’s show:

Predicting Chaos: Weather Risk in Potato Cultivation

  • Eric Snodgrass, Principal Atmospheric Scientist, Nutrien Ag Solutions


The Benefits of Diploid Breeding and True Potato Seed

  • Jeremy Singer, Director of Agronomy, Simplot Plant Sciences
  • Ian Puddephat, PhD, Senior Director of Agro Sciences at PepsiCo
  • Paul Bethke, PhD, Molecular Biologist, USDA Agricultural Research Service


The Future of Sustainability: What do Consumers Want to Know?

  • Charlie Arnot, Director of Environmental Sustainability, The Center for Food Integrity
  • Sanford Gleddie, Vice President Operations, The Little Potato Company
  • John MacQuarrie, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Cavendish Farms
  • Laura Scandurra, Executive Director, Potato Sustainability Alliance


The Future of High Yield and Quality: Precision Chemistry and Fertility Advancements

  • Jonathan Adamson, Western Regional Sales Manager, Vive Crop Protection
  • Luke Radford, Farm Agronomist, Moss Farms
  • Tommy Roach, VP Product Development & Technical Services, Nachurs Alpine Solutions


Foresight is 20/20: The Future of Irrigation is Predictive

  • Trevor Mecham, Vice President of Global Technology Strategy & Industry Relations, Valmont Industries


Fungicide Resistance Management Techniques and the Value of Premixes

  • Dan Maxfield, Agronomic Service Representative, Syngenta Crop Protection
  • Kiran Shetty, Ph.D., Technical Development Lead for Potatoes, Syngenta Crop Protection
  • Glenn Letendre, Agronomic Service Representative, Syngenta Crop Protection


Image Recognition of Pest & Disease is Redefining Early Detection Field Scouting

  • Simcha Shore, Founder & CEO, AgroScout


Online Variety Selection Resources for the Potato Industry

  • Bradley Halladay, Lead Engineer/President, Medius Ag, LLC


The Revolution is Here: The Center Pivot as an Agronomic Management Tool

  • Wade Sikkink, Director, Global Product Management, Lindsay Corporation

Kurtis Charling, Director of Software Development, Lindsay Corporation


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