Directors Award Grants

At the March MPB meeting, directors awarded a total of $107, 258 in research grants.


Research ProjectSubmitted ByFunding Amount
Efficacies of fungicides and
soil fumigation in controlling
potato early dying
Jianjun Hao,
Steven Johnson,
Aaron Buzza

Recombinant PVY Strains
and their effect on
Processing Quality (2021
Growing Season)
Greg Porter,
Aaron Buzza
Contribution of specific PVY
strains to environmental
inoculums of volunteer and
weed hosts
Alicyn Smart,
Andrew Plant,
James Dill
Spore Trapping as Early
Alert System for Pathogens
of Potato
Jake Dyer$12,000
Expanding Primary
Dihaploid Genetics using
Hamlin Russet and Elite
Selections from the University of Maine’s Potato
Breeding Program
Ek Han Tan$7,000
Screening Potato Varieties
for Resistance to Pink Rot
Jianjun Hao,
Greg Porter
Breeding New Varieties to
Provide Marketing
Opportunities and Improved
Pest Resistance
Gregory Porter,
Paul Ocaya,
Tammy Mills
Advance Selection Potato
Variety Trials and PVY
Gregory Porter,
Paul Ocaya

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