Congress Wants Potatoes in China Talks

Feb. 15, 2019 – Last week, fourteen Senators and twenty five House members joined together on a bicameral letter to the Administration urging that U.S. potatoes be included in any trade negotiations with China.

“If access to China’s fresh potato market is granted to the United States, it is estimated that China could become a top five market for U.S. potato exports. This would result in new jobs in communities throughout the country and ensure the U.S. potato industry remains competitive in the international marketplace. For this reason, we ask that the USTR prioritize the potato industry in any trade negotiations with China,” said the letter.

“We sincerely appreciate the strong bipartisan support of these Members of Congress.  Given that the Administration is working to conclude a new agreement with China, the longstanding issues surrounding market access for U.S. potatoes are achievable and can generate significant new jobs for the U.S.,” said John Keeling, NPC CEO.

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