China Threatens New Potato Tariffs

In late August, China responded to prior U.S. tariff threats by releasing a new list of targeted American products. Among them were new tariffs on potatoes and potato products.

“We have been urging all sides to come to the negotiating table rather than continue ratcheting up the pressure. A reasonable agreement can be achieved, but talks need to replace threats in the very near future,” said Kam Quarles, NPC CEO.

The new tariffs are in two phases; beginning September 1st and December 15th;

September 1st

An additional 10% on U.S. fresh potatoes, seed potatoes, frozen potatoes, potato flour, meal and powder.

December 15th

An additional 10% tariff on U.S. potato flakes, granules and pellets, and other dehydrated potatoes.

U.S. frozen fries will be subject to an additional 5% tariff

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