2019 Anti Bruise Program Report

-by George McLaughlin

This year the Anti-Bruise Program operated with three full time inspectors and one part time inspector. The program provided services to approximately 43 different operations between September 10 and October 19.

During that period the inspectors’ evaluated 423 grab samples and 47 Hot Box samples on 28 different varieties in comparison to 929 grab samples and 124 Hot Box samples on 36 varieties in 2018.

Expenses to date for this year’s program are broken down into the following items.
Item #1: $3,311.55 to ManPower for wages,
Item #2: $1,926.24 for mileage,
Item #3: $3,073.17 for equipment, chemical and supplies.

Total expenses to date equal approximately $8,310.96.

This year’s expenses were significantly less than 2018 due to the number of inspectors
employed.  Next year the program may operate with additional or fewer inspectors based on the response from growers.

If growers have any questions or interests regarding their anti bruise test data they should contact the Maine Potato Board office.

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