Access All ‘Focus on Potato’ Webcasts, Plus 12 Other Resources for $25

The Plant Management Network, publisher of “Focus on Potato” and other crop management resources, is offering a special discount for potato growers in North America.

Through this limited-time offer, potato growers can get one-year access to PMN’s entire collection of nearly 50 “Focus on Potato” webcasts, plus a dozen other resources housed on the Plant Management Network, for just $25—a 50% discount off the regular $50 price.

This entire collection of resources includes:

  • Focus on Potato, Focus on Soybean, Focus on Corn, Focus on Tomato, and Focus on Cotton – Five webcast resources who help users seek information on producing healthy, high-yielding crops. Includes nearly 250 videos in total.
  • Plant Disease Management Reports – More than 5,000 searchable reports on the effectiveness of fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls used on various crops
  • Fungicides for Field Crops Manual – An online book that provides an overview of the current knowledge of fungicides and their use on nearly 20 field crops, including potatoes
  • Plant Health Progress – An applied journal focusing on plant health. Covers plant disease, entomology, and nematology of crops and ornamentals
  • Applied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, and Forage and Grazinglands journals(soon to be combined into Crops, Forage and Turfgrass Management) – Peer-reviewed, applied journals covering the many applied management aspects of crops, forage, and turfgrass
  • Other searchable resources that include PMN’s image Collections, the PMN Extension Search, Plant Science Database, and Cross-Journal Search

Browse all of these resources at

To purchase the discounted subscription, visit PMN’s Yahoo! Store. Enter coupon code Farm50 during the checkout process before the end of April.

Also get monthly alerts and news on the Plant Management Network’s full line of resources, through the free PMN Update newsletter.

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