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Maine Potatoes are Fresh, Sustainable, Delicious, and Nutritious!

The Maine Potato industry prides itself on producing a high-quality product, whether that product is potatoes destined for your table, french fries, potato chips, or other processed potatoes. The Maine Quality Trademark is your guarantee that the contents are only the highest quality. In fact, before those potatoes can bear that trademark, they are inspected and pass requirements stricter than the United States Department of Agriculture’s U.S. No. 1 grade. Just look for the red, white and blue State of Maine trademark the next time you’re shopping for potatoes.

In the news…

Managing Blackleg of Potatoes

Andrew Plant— Plant Pathologist, Maine Potato Board Written in Consultation with: Gerry Saddler, Plant Pathologist, Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA); Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathologist, Colorado State University; and James Dwyer, Crops Specialist, UMaine Extension Blackleg is a bacterial disease of potatoes. During the disease development, an inky dark colored and sometimes slimy lesion […]

Soil Maintenance and Refurbishment

Dominic Lajoie- Maine Farmer and Andrew Plant- Maine Potato Board As farmers, at the end of a long growing season when temperatures drop, when crops get harvested and put into storage, and when thoughts (daydreams) stray to traveling to warmer destinations or taking a snowmobile trip, we are often snapped back to the reality of […]